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Programming Algorithm Definition and Examples Algorithms are steps arranged and sequentially to solve a problem. While the Programming Algorithm steps are sequentially written to solve the problem of computer programming. 

In a simple programming, the algorithm is the first step that must be written before writing the program. Problems that can be solved with computer programming are problems related to mathematical calculations.

The important thing is controlled in programming logic to think how to solve programming problems that will be created. Sometimes there is a mathematical problem that is very easy if finalized in writing, but it is quite difficult if translated into programming. If you find something like that, then the algorithm and programming logic is very important to solve the problem .

As an illustration, I take issue Frequency data. For example there is a group of data as follows:

2 4 6 7 2 4 6 6 9 3 5 6 4

In writing, the frequency data is obtained by counting the number of each data and write the data ranging from the smallest to the largest data in the table. The first column contains the data and the second column contains the frequency of each data.

Easy enough right? What if I search for frequencies above is made in the form of the program? Quite difficult because we need to master the programming logic. But this case I will discuss later, if there is no obstacle.